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Music for Healing, Relaxation, Sleep or Focus - Enhanced by Neuroscience

Find Serenity, Joy, and Personal Progress through Meditation

Are you seeking better health, personal transformation, or spiritual fulfillment? Are you open to learning new ways of starting or deepening your meditation practice?

You have probably heard of the benefits of meditation or are already using this practice for improving your life. Decades of research studies show that meditation has many benefits including:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety, 
  • Improving emotional well-being, 
  • Deepening self-awareness, 
  • Improving memory, 
  • Increasing attention span, 
  • Aiding in sound sleep, 
  • Increasing empathy and kindness toward others.

Are you looking for solutions to any of these problems in your life? Research also shows meditation can lower your blood pressure, improve your mental and physical stamina, decrease depression, and reduce physical pain.

Scientific studies and personal testimonials abound, speaking to the effectiveness of meditation for improving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
Taking up a meditation practice is a simple, free, and proven method you can start using today to improve your physical health, increase your feelings of serenity, and help you succeed in other areas of personal development.

Our Meditation music is specifically designed for transporting your mind effortlessly into a meditative state, making it easier for you to embark on a new practice of meditating regularly or to enhance your existing meditation sessions.

Open new levels of relaxation, mindfulness, and joy by trying our free meditation music samples right now!

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Effective Music - Backed by Neuroscience

Research studies repeatedly show that regular meditation improves mental concentration and focus in other areas of life. Any effort you take toward self-improvement will benefit from the better mental focus, improved concentration, and greater peace of mind brought about by regular practice of meditation and mindfulness. Your personal relationships may also benefit as meditation helps you become more relaxed and present in the moment.

Learning to meditate and sticking to it can accelerate your progress as you get physically fit, learn a new language, or embark on new career goals or the quest of finding the perfect relationship. And using meditation music can help you achieve benefits from meditation faster.

Using our meditation music to enhance your meditation sessions can accelerate your achievement of blissful and serene meditative states in less time than practicing without these soundtracks. Our soundtracks are aesthetically pleasing and soothing along with being engineered to rapidly and reliably ease your mind into a meditation state. 

The reason these soundtracks are so successful is because they are based on well-researched knowledge from neuroscience. 

For almost one hundred years, scientists have researched brainwaves and their relationship to states of mind and behavior. Beginning with the invention of electroencephalography machine (EEG) by Hans Berger in the 1920s, researchers have discovered a range of brainwave frequencies associated with relaxation, stress, sleep, dreaming, and meditative states. We call these frequencies by their Latin alphabet names of alpha, beta, gamma, theta, and delta brainwaves. 

In addition, researchers in the 1970s discovered that sending two slightly different tones into each ear using headphones can quickly cause the listener’s brain to synchronize to the frequency difference between the two sounds. For example, if a 410Hz tone is heard in one ear and a 420Hz tone in the other ear, the listener’s brain synchronizes to 10Hz, an alpha brainwave frequency. These sound patterns are known as binaural beats. 

Isochronic tones are another sound modulation technique related to binaural beats, and this tool gives us even more control for fine-tuning our meditation music for the most optimum result. 

When you listen to sound tracks embedded with specific binaural and isochronic tones, the associated mental state quickly synchronizes in your brain in a process called brainwave entrainment. This phenomena of brainwave entrainment makes it possible for us to design soundtracks specifically for the enhancement of brainwave frequencies associated with a meditating mind. 

Unlock the powerful benefits of meditation in your life by using our meditation music soundtracks to enhance your meditation experience. 

Our brainwave entrainment soundtracks use the power of neuroscience to create meditation music embedded with binaural and isochronic tones specifically designed for guiding your mind quickly and safely toward a deep and rejuvenating meditation experience.